December 7, 2023

Fort Worth Republican John McQueeney Files for Texas House District 97

The small business owner and entrepreneur pledges to work with Governor Abbott to secure the border, cut property taxes, and improve education by increasing school funding and passing school choice.

FORT WORTH, TX – Today, conservative Republican John McQueeney filed to run for Texas House District 97. The small business owner and entrepreneur is running to help Governor Abbott secure the border, cut property taxes, and improve education by increasing school funding and passing school choice.

“I am truly honored by the countless people who have encouraged me and my family to take this next step,” said McQueeney. “As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I am running to defend the conservative values that have made our economy strong and to ensure that future generations have a safer and more prosperous Texas.

To accomplish these goals, we must secure the border and stop the drug and human trafficking that threatens every family in this state. We must pass permanent property tax relief for homeowners and businesses. And we must ensure that our children have the best educational opportunities, which means increasing school funding, giving teachers a pay raise, and empowering parents through school choice.”

McQueeney is a business leader, real estate investor, and a proud Texas Christian University (TCU) alumnus, graduating from the MJ Neeley School of Business in 2002 with a double major.

John’s professional career began at RadioShack Corporation where he quickly advanced from Leasing Representative to Director of Leasing. In this capacity, he was instrumental in managing comprehensive lease renewals and expansion strategies across the U.S. and Canada.

After leaving RadioShack, John worked to become a McDonald’s franchisee. Undergoing rigorous training in San Antonio, he demonstrated his ability to learn and lead from the ground up, working in the kitchen and running shifts in his stores. His journey with McDonald’s saw him expand his franchise operations from San Antonio to Fort Worth with a stop in the Rio Grande Valley.

After selling his McDonald’s franchise, John moved into the logistics sector as a trucking contractor with FedEx, scaling a small fleet to 50 trucks. Recently, John moved back into fast-food operations, acquiring a Chicken Express franchise.

John and his wife Katie are loving parents to their son Jack and daughter Sheridan. A pro-life Christian, John and his family attend St. Andrews Catholic Church and the children attend All Saints Episcopal School.