John on the Issues

Defending the Texas Border

Having owned a business in the Rio Grande Valley, John McQueeney is acutely aware of the Texas Border's vulnerability. He's determined to tackle the border crisis head-on, prioritizing the safety and security of Texans. Deeply understanding the state's needs, John is fiercely committed to classifying cartels as terrorist organizations and staunchly combating the Fentanyl and human trafficking that line the cartels' pockets, threatening our border's integrity.

Permanent Property Tax Relief

John McQueeney acknowledges that Texas property taxes significantly burden families, small businesses, farmers, and ranchers. He is committed to advocating for substantial property tax relief, aiming to ensure Texans keep more of their hard-earned money and foster a financially stable future for the state.

Funding Schools & Empowering Parents

John McQueeney is passionately committed to elevating the quality of education in Texas. His plan includes leading initiatives to boost funding for public schools across all districts, ensuring they have the resources necessary for top-tier education. In his vision, this also means advocating for teacher pay raises, a critical step in enhancing educational standards. Furthermore, John strongly supports empowering parents through school choice, providing them with more control over their children's education. His approach is focused on creating an environment where every student has access to the best educational opportunities, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

Cut Red Tape & Help Businesses Grow

As an accomplished business leader with over two decades of experience spanning various industries, John McQueeney understands the vital importance of cutting the red tape and fostering an environment where businesses can truly flourish. With a proven track record as the owner of successful restaurant franchise and transportation businesses, John knows the ins and outs of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the potential for growth that lies untapped.

First Amendment

John McQueeney firmly believes in the fundamental rights of the First Amendment and religious freedom, which are increasingly under threat. He is dedicated to preserving these crucial liberties, ensuring everyone has the unequivocal right to freely express their beliefs. John's commitment to these principles is rooted in his belief in the importance of free speech, religious freedom, and the necessity of transparency and fairness in our digital era.

Second Amendment

John McQueeney, a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment, deeply understands the right of Texans to protect life and property as a fundamental human right. He is devoted to advocating for the broadest freedom in exercising our right to bear arms, while striving to limit government interference. His commitment reflects his belief in the empowerment of individuals and the preservation of personal freedoms central to our Texan identity.


John McQueeney, who believes life begins at conception, is resolute in opposing abortion in Texas. The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade now allows states to protect the unborn from conception. John pledges to address any challenges to the rights of the unborn in Texas, demonstrating his deep respect for the sanctity of life and commitment to these values.